Thursday, November 4, 2010

Meet Paul!

Hello and greetings, fellow 'netters!* My name is Paul "Sex Champ" Fuckgod, and I am here to introduce myself to all two of you who read this blog regularly. First off, thanks for reading! I was almost positive blogging was dead, but I assure you, the blog industry is booming! It is multi-trillion dollar market thanks to handsome readers like you. Second, you're probably wondering how I came upon such a prestigious position. Well I walked into the corporate offices of It's A Pizza Party International, and demanded to speak to their CEO. After some heavy paperwork and quite a few tug-jobs, I was in! Those silly bureaucratic horndogs are so easy to manipulate.

(PROTIP: Get a blog while there are still openings, 'netters! The internet is filling up fast!)

Well that about sums up how I came to be here, dudes and dudettes. Much love to Matt and Tynan, as well as our good pals from Throne Gone Down to inspire me to write for this blog, as opposed to a school newspaper. I will most likely be doing game and pizza reviews, possibly an occasional album review if I'm feeling foolhardy. I look forward to being hate-fucked by the internet community, as well as by you, the reader!

Stay steezy, y'all. --Paul

*('netter is short for internetter, or user of the internet, for those of you not up-to-date with the slang of the world wide web)


  1. Damn you for injecting some lulz into the blog. shit was getting SRS for a sec. Good post.