Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hardware Review: WESC Bagpipe Headphones

I was on the hunt recently for a new pair of headphones, perferably something that had a pretty good price, but had a nice output of sound, not to mention a hint of style, so I did my research and ended up decided on finding the best WESC headphones I could. I know what you're thinking, "WESC is a clothing brand! FART FART FART" or "THEY SELL THOSE AT THE MALL IN CLOTHING STORES! PEE PEE PEE" but I went ahead with it anyway, and ended up getting the $150 Bag Pipes, and disappointed I am not!

It took less than a few days to get them shipped to me from the wonderful turntable lab and they arrived in a stylish package, which is besides the point, y'all probably (don't really) wanna know how they sound!

In a word, splendid.

My most experience with "good" headphones were various types of (horrid) skullcandy's, most notably the Skullcrusher's, which have a built in subwoofer that turns your favorite songs into piles of bassy shit that are impossible to hear, so luckily these Bag Pipes don't do that. My $150 bought me a lovely amount of bass, that's just enough to let those dubstep songs feel...dubsteppy, but not too much to turn my favorite Kinks songs into...dubstep. The biggest compliment I can make is that these bad boys cancel sound like a motherfucker. It's caused me to be highly paranoid when I listen to music, people just "sneak" up on my ass when my favorite Coheed songs are blasting my ears. That's because I can't fucking hear a thing besides the crisp, clean, and ear-filling noise of whatever I'm hearing at the time.

The functionality of the headphones are great, with there being plenty of twisting, turning, and folding these babies can do that make them feel like your old transformer action figures...just more sturdy. I definitely get the impression that you could use these to do some DJ'ing, or just easy listening. They are like buying a great flatscreen...just in a sexy silver instead of plain black! They look absolutely badass, I love the color scheme, the modern look, and the wicked sweet curly chord, it's just great! I love these things, and I'd definitely recommend you go find a pair!

Pros: Stylish, sounds clean, crisp, and sexy as fuck. Functionality is great, and doesn't hurt they make me horny?

Cons: Too sexy? Oh and I could have used a nice adjustable switch for the amount of bass to clarity found on other WESC headphones. Oh well...they still make me a horny bastard. :)

Here's the specs for those of you who understand them.
- Type: 57mm PRO drivers, (DJ quality)
- 1khz Sensitivity: 119 dB
- Impedance: 60 ohms
- Frequence Range: 20-20 001 Hz, (great amount of bass)
- Plug: Gold-plated 3.5 Stereo (fits in your iPod, comes with adapter for DJ equipment)

Hardware Rating:
9.1 / 10



  1. if i'm gonna spend $150 on a pair of headphones they better be damn near perfect. (the honest truth is, beyond $100 you've now reached the entry market price point for studio headphones - and they better have sweet sound (for almost all music types) and if they don't you paid way too much.) Honestly, you probably are paying 60$ for the design on these ... which leads me to want your rating to be about 1 point lower because they're overpriced because they want to bring a name to their brand- which is crap. Of course, if you like looking like a huge tool who is following the most current trend to have "stylish headphones" that remind me of the push in the 80's to carry around a bigger boombox in the ghetto to flare out your sweet beats moreso than your fat cousin albert who is still running a 45 watt system. I will have to pass on the "I have money look at me hahahahha" phase of my life and go with a pair of headphones that sound just as good if not better for half the price but don't have an obnoxious color scheme that will be out of fashion in 6 months.

  2. woah matt. you just got pwned. rebuttal?

  3. Haha. Weird. Basically, 150 is NOTHING for a pair of good headphones, look around dudesif. I felt 150 was a perfectly reasonable price. You dislike this review because I decided to buy headphones I felt looked pretty neat (to me, subjective I KNOW) and seemed to have fine performance. I'm really happy wif ma purchase mang, therefore 9/10. Find me a pair of headphones that sound just as good for 75 bucks and I'll suck your cock.

  4. these headphones are shit for the price half the money youre spending on these really is just for the name and styling theses head phones are good for at home producing or djing but if the volumes cranked up theres distortion oh and look up the rhp-10 by reloop same styling same quality almost as the bagpipes half the price now suck my cock

  5. LOLZ Just said they're good for home producing or DJing, I really can't see any other better purpose...

  6. I just bought a pair of these for $60 on sale. They don't sound nearly as good as my HD-650's.

    But then again, these are much cheaper (and now I'm comparing with the original price), they don't demand a separate headphone amp since they are very low power driven, and have a closed cup construction. $150 isn't really overpriced.

    The first comment is just stupid, the person who wrote it is obviously delusioned about pricing of phones.

    Quite nice price for a DJ phone, good sound quality for the buck indeed.

    I can see another purpose for these phones. They are excellent to use for computer listening and they work good with my phone as well. But they never leave home.

  7. I've had these headphones for about 3 or 4 years now, when they came out with the bloody beetroot version. I've brought them with me to countless Dj gigs and I swear by them in the studio.. They still (almost) have the same sound quality as when I first bought them, with a relatively flat response, they look just right dope, and I'm proud to have 'em
    It's too bad they discontinued them :-(
    I <3 my bagpipes

  8. I buy WESC headphones just like I buy Apple products, for the form AND function. Are they the best headphones on the planet? No. Is the style for everyone's taste? No. But I like them, buy them and care little what anyone really thinks.

    They're excellent headphones for listening to techno while on the computer hacking out code. I spend roughly 12 hours a day on my computer and these do the job wonderfully.

    There's only one small complaint, other people can hear loud and clear what you're listening to when cranked up to half volume on any WESC phones.

    Sad to see these discontinued but I can say, their new Banjo phones have microphones on the cords so you can answer your iPhone or a Skype call.