Friday, August 20, 2010

The Second Coming of Craig: Jonny Craig's Return To Dance Gavin Dance.

Dance Gavin Dance have been going through a lot of member changes for years now. After their first full-length "Downtown Battle Mountain," scene singing sensation Jonny Craig left the band and joined Emarosa. He was replaced by Kurt Travis, who took a while to get used to, but ended up being an amazing replacement. After about 3 years and 2 albums that blew their old material out of the water, it seemed like Travis was here to stay. Then, on Wednesday, I heard the most shocking news in Dance Gavin Dance history...that Travis was no longer in the band and Jonny Craig would be returning as the lead vocalist. I still haven't decided whether to be angry or excited about the news.

First off, I do enjoy Craig's voice more than Travis', so that really isn't the issue. The problems I have is that DGD have progressed immensely since Craig's departure and that Craig is a douche. The two albums that Travis sang on were better in almost every aspect. Now, with Craig and screamer Jon Mess returning, their lineup is nearly the same as on Downtown Battle Mountain, and even before this lineup change there were rumors that the new album would essentially be "Downtown Battle Mountain 2." And today I saw this tweet by Jonny Craig himself:

"Dear world :) I am once again apart of dance Gavin dance #DBM2. I did not quit emarosa. Both will be full time and full dedication. TALKSHIT"

Now let's breakdown everything wrong with this tweet.

1. If you haven't caught on yet, DBM2 = Downtown Battle Mountain 2. Jonny Craig is basically confirming that the new album will be just like Downtown Battle Mountain. This is a huge step backwards for the band and I hope it is some kind of sick joke.

2. He is still in Emarosa. This is a major problem. I don't know if he is conceited enough to think he can balance writing, recording, and touring with two bands full-time, but if there is anyone that would think they can do it, it would be the pompous sir Jonny Craig. Just because your initials are JC doesn't mean you are some kind of superhuman. Eventually Craig is going to have to quit Emarosa or DGD is going to have to find another new singer.

3. He is just a straight up douche, which becomes evident when you read his other tweets. Example:

"I am the lead singer for EMAROSA and DANCE GAVIN DANCE. Don't like it? Drink and drive :)"

Now I will pray to the lord JC. Please don't let DGD take a step backward with their music. They have made it through drastic member changes before, so give them the strength to do it one more time. Don't let their music be set back 3 years by this douche:


  1. Sweet article tynan, well written sir!

  2. it shouldnt matter how he acts he's a damn amazing singer. and im going to disagree with you again and say DBM is the greatest work they have done and have been declining in talent since JC left the band. in my opinion their self titled cd is SHIT. Happiness was for sure a breath of fresh air but it lacked the sexy groove appeal that i love from DBM.

  3. lacked the sexy groove? happiness was full of sexy groove and the self-titled has some of the best riffs the guitarists have ever written. Jonny is a great singer, but i think he's going to realize that he can't balance being in both bands soon enough. And even if you don't like dgd's newer albums you have to admit that they haven't come close to making the same album twice. they had a winning formula on DBM, but instead of sticking with it for 3 records like some bands would have they changed every album up and wrote some amazingly original songs.


  4. fyi, DBM isn't their best work.

  5. I wont say shit until i see some new tracks. If its good, its good, nuff said.

  6. true. even if dgd writes dbm2 it will probably be pretty good, but i would much rather have them keep progressing like they have. i have doubted them before and they proved me wrong so we'll see.

  7. I completely agree with everything you just said. thanks

  8. Oh no no no no no.
    If JC is capable enough to balance his solo project, Emarosa, and Isles & Glaciers, I think he can handle a band he was once in for two years.
    I also disagree that this will be a step backwards, considering that all of DGD is extremely talented and will be more than able to conjure up a new album for their fans.
    JC may be a complete douchebag, but his voice pretty much makes up for it.
    And talking shit about him is only what he wants; hence the tweet: "...TALKSHIT".
    I am more than excited for this album to come out.

  9. The thing you dont understand is even though Jonny Craig may be a cocky self conceided asshole but who gives a fuck i mean you dont listen to a band because of the members personality you listen to them for their talent and im pretty sure everyone who has ever listened to DGD or Emarosa or any of the other million songs jonny craig has been featured know how amazing his voice is and thats why they like him, they dont know hes a cocky asshole its not like sings im jonny fucking craig and im better then all of you( though he probably would do it)but back to my point just because hes cocky doesnt mean he ruined DGD if it wasnt for him they wouldnt be anything or at least as famous as they are now and no offense to kurt or anything but thank god jonny is back in this band

  10. It was like the idiot who @replied Jonny saying he didn't "deserve" DGD. Jonny was there from the beginning. I'm sure Jonny will be there till the end. And Dance Battle Mountain two will most likely be an improvement from Dance Battle Mountain because the second of anything is usually supposed to be improved from the first one.

  11. uhm. Jonny Craig is incredible. He doesn't just sing there is meaning behind his songs and his reasons for singing. DGD and Emarosa are 10million times better off with Jonny fucking Craig as their singers :) just saying. i don't think he's conceited just friggin hilarious. people have no sense of humor these days. geez. anyways spoke my peace. agree or don't just speaking my mind. peace.

  12. i know this is an old post but i just wanted to say to one of the anonymous people that i don't think you know anything about dance gavin dance. you called their cd dance battle mountain? really?