Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Movie Review: Resident Evil Afterlife

The Resident Evil film series has been around quite a while now, and is THE most successful video game films of all time. Does that mean that these movies are good? Hell fucking no. We all (should) know that Afterlife and its predecessors could never be considered truly fantastic films. They shouldn't be...I should be appalled and shocked that they would think video game enthusiasts and straight up action movie lovers would be DUMB enough to enjoy such poorly created crap. But I'm not. Instead, I laughed, left my brain at the door, let my jaw go slack and fall ajar, and had a pretty damn fun time.

Resident Evil Afterlife picks up where the last (and so far worst) film, Extinction, left off, not that any of that matters, you definitely don't need to know much about the first few films, this isn't a story that deserves your attention, and these aren't characters you need to care about. Get that through your serious-as-tits skull, and the film will be lots of fun.

Basically, Alice...is...fighting umbrella corporation again? I dunno, I seriously don't remember any of the story...after only a couple days since I've seen it. The good thing is that I can tell you my top five action scenes from the movie though! That's one thing about the film, the story is easier to tell if you make a timeline of the action sequences. Do you like the Matrix??? How about slow motion??? Yes?! Perfect! I'm not sure if I could count the amount of slow motion sequences, but I can tell you that they all looked FUCKIN SWEEEEET in 3D. This is about my third try at the Real D 3D and I gotta say, this felt just as home on the 3D screen as Avatar. One thing I gotta stress with seeing this movie in theaters is, see it in 3D, so if you hate the movie, you can love the sweet 3D!

One of my things I can definitely love about this movie is that it felt like it wasn't totally wasting the Resident Evil name. There were things in the movie that felt Resident Evil like, such as The Executioner, the freaky split head dogs, and an even bigger focus on the Las Plagas (sp?) virus from the last couple resident evil titles. It really gives me hope for a bigger reboot, as these movies can't continue. We really need a serious take on the fucking fantastic story laid out in Resident Evil 4. Seriously. Meh...wishfull fan faggotry. Anyways, the acting is god awful, so is the dialouge, and so is the story, but boy is the action and super violence off dah hooook.

Another thing worth mentioning is the stage production, there were some awesome set pieces that felt really cool, mainly in scenes using the Umbrella Corporation's lovely obsession with red and white. But these awesome stage designs don't come as big of a shock since other Paul Anderson films show the same passion for convincingly epic scenes.(Event Horizon anyone?)

When does entertainment outweigh the need for an at least somewhat present frame of mind as far as story, character development, motivation and whatnot? Turns out this is the answer to that question. The Resident Evil films have been a guilty pleasure of mine for ages, and now I at least have some sort of have justification on this one. Weather it's the sweet zombie killing, or the sweet zombie dog killing, or the sweet zombie monstrosity killings, there's a good reason to get some thorough enjoyment out of this newest, and best, Resident Evil film.
Film Rating: 7.2 / 10
-Matt Galey

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