Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What Are They Waiting For? Albums We're All Anticipating

New releases are always highly anticipated from your favorite artists, you sit around, wanting a new album, itchin' for those new songs to take in and enjoy. So far this year, there's been quite a lot of that for me, with new Gorillaz, Tera Melos, and even the new LCD Soundsystem, it's awesome after years of nothing!

But unfortunately, it's the albums that aren't coming out that you notice more than the ones that have. What selfish shits we are. Anyways, I thought it'd be a good idea to post the albums that are missing in action, and HIGHLY the fucker writing this article that is! ;)

Last Studio Release - 2005 (HOLY SHIT NOT COOL)
Reason for No New Shit - Sucking Disney's cock at the moment.

So daft punk have been sitting on their robotic asses for FIVE years now, and everyone still knows who the fuck they are. Daft Punk are favorites from my early days of music experimentation, back when I thought Coheed and Cambria was "Experimental", and Daft Punk has been around ever since, inspiring nostalgia wherever it's needed. Unfortunately, using Daft Punk as a nostalgic device makes me forget that they are still together and doin' their thang, which is sad, it's been FIVE fucking years since a new release!

Now it seems we might still have to wait a bit longer. Daft Punk has been working on the soundtrack for the new Disney flick "Tron: Legacy", and while that kinda sucks, it's good news in a way to hear they have the creative motor-oil flowing, and aren't pumping out new live albums. Apparently they have rented out the Jim Henson Studios to record new material, but with this Tron shit going on, I doubt we'll see any new studio album material for a couple more years...Robot douche bags.

Last Studio Release - 2005 (HOLY SHIT NOT RAD)
Reason for No New Shit - Label got raped by economy.

The Aquabats are a sad story on this little list, because unlike all the other lazy shitheads that refuse to release the goods, The Aquabats are fucking ACTIVE. They actually began work on the follow-up to Charge!! back in 2007, and did some shows in-between working on it, and then decided to start producing a pilot for their own show called "The Aquabats Super Show!" which is still kinda held up itself. Either way, in April 2009, Nitro records let go of Mc Bat Commander and the Crew, because of the recession and what-not. So now, it SEEMS that The Aquabats are going to try and release their new album in November this year on their own, which I highly doubt, but still, I might buy it if it does come out, just to support those super rad guys.

Last Studio Release - 2007 (FEELS LIKE FOREVER)
Reason for No New Shit - Getting dicks sucked by music fans everywhere.

I dunno if I'm just new to the whole electronic scene or what, but it seems like these Dj-Duo's like being lazy and just promoting an album for a few years or what, because Justice seem to be in the same boat as Daft Punk, just more french. Ever since their release of the Cross album, Justice have really just been getting blown around the world by fans of Electronic music, and why not? The main reason why I'm complaining about no new releases is that (cross) was so amazing as an album, that I NEEEEED new shit. Either way, it seems right now they are working with Mr.Oizo on his new film "Rubber", I've heard some singles off of it, and they're pretty good, not to mention that Justice have put out quite a few crucifyingly good (zing!) remixes in the last few years. Which makes me miss their new release a little less...just a little.

Last Studio Release - 2007
Reason for No New Shit - Frontman M.I.A. (get it, battle joke?)

Okay so this one I can totally understand, and I really don't hold much against Battles for not releasing a new follow up to the EPIC Mirrored, their Singer/Keyboardist/Guitarist frontman Tyondai Braxton left the band just a couple months ago, and that shit still stings, and I'm not even in the band! He was quite a creative force and while I'm still surprised that Battles is still together after that huge blow to their line-up, I still think that Battles can put out some amazing shit, their band is made up of some well versed fellows in the Math-Rock and Post-Rock industry. Now the bigger question is whether or not fucking Tyondai Braxton will release something worthwhile to make up for his douche-baggery. This is definitely one battle I don't wanna see end! (Oh no he didn't!)

Last Studio Release - 2007
Reason For No New Shit - Who the fuck knows, those guys are weirdos.

Sleepytime has always been on the cusp of my strange facination with experimental music, allowing me to listen to some songs, but always keep them at an arms length. On the other hand, they've been a love interest for my fellow writer on here and friend Tynan, he's even gotten to see them live. We were discussing this article the other night, and he mentioned that I should write about these weird fuckers here. So I am. But basically, I'm also interested in a new release from SGM in the slight hopes of finding a way to fall in love with their Avant-Garde-industrial-metal-experimental-progressive-rock sound! Unfortunately, there seems to be no new noise about a new album from these folks anytime soon. I went on the Sleepytime Gorilla Museum for ANY news on a new album, and it seems that the person that manages it fell asleep back in late 2006, and never woke up! There's no mention of anything beyond the "forthcoming" release of In Glorious Times (2007), and everywhere else I go it seems these guys have no new plans on new shit anytime soon....not even...SLEEPYTIME! (haha I'm a genius.)

Last Studio Release - 2002
Reason For No New Shit - be...cryptic and Post-Rock as fuck?

I guess this is just wishful thinking now, but being almost 18 now, I've only truly known about music for about five...maybe six years, and unfortunately, Godspeed came and went long before that time. Too bad, because now they rape these indie-as-fuck ears on a regular basis. Since then they've been on a perpetual mind fuck, being parts of different bands, and doing strange and interesting reunions. Either-way, they are the darling of any big music fan, with their older albums completely blowing away most new Post-Rock. My main reason for having any hope for a new release is because they recently announced they'd be back together this year for a few select shows in a letter that made me splooge everywhere. Lets hope magic will happen, and we'll get some new shiiiiit! And let's hope they move forward at making this new album with Godspeed!
You can look at the full size image of the new letter to the fans here!

Last Studio Release - 1998 (and are still relevant...holy shit)
Reason For No New Shit - Jeff Magnum busy wishing he was Anne Frank

As with Godspeed, Neutral Milk Hotel is something I had to come into loving late, like most of my hipster friends. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea is a beloved album nowadays, and rightfully sow, the Low-Fi indie rock goodness held on that album still blows the anal beads out of most shit put out today. So, I guess Neutral Milk Hotel have broken up, so what? The makings are still there for them to put out a new album, (may I suggest a Hi-Fi disco-electronic romp?) with Mangnum slowly starting to show his elusive self more often around the music industry, and Julian Koster starting to actually make a bigger name for himself with his AWESOME solo work. The shit's all there, I guess NMH might be trying to do that whole "Leave em' Wanting More" thing, which sucks. Because if they came back in action, people WOULD SHIT THEMSELVES. DOOOOO IT GUYS!

Well, there's just a few albums that I NEED to come out soon, got any artists you think I obviously missed, or your own obscure favorites that put out less than your wife? Leave a fucking comment assholes, let us know you skimmed, scanned, or read this mofo! - Matt


  1. great article. i have to say the one on here i'm most pissed about is aquabats. those bastards have been teasing me for years and saying they are going to put out a new album. and i would have to disagree with neutral milk hotel being on here. there's no way they could follow up aeroplane, even if they wanted to.

  2. That's why I'm saying, they outta put out a electro-avant-garde album with electronic fed accordions and shit.

  3. i think justice waiting to release a full length is a good idea on their part as long as they do actually release something eventually. for two dudes ,that or more like djs than actually musicians, cross had to of been a lot of luck and new ideas, an album that will keep up to par with it will take a lot of work and a whole new batch of ideas to sound fresh.