Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can A Remix Best An Original?

I would hope by now that at least most of you have listened to Passion Pit, because their new album Manners is fantastic. It's definitely my favorite new dance pop/indie pop/electronic album out right now, dominating my mixtapes for friends. Most of you have probably heard Passion Pit from commercials, unfortunately. Sleepyhead and Little Secrets are the two for now that I've heard in at least 5 commercials for electronics, video games, etc. While this hurts the hipster part of my heart, it's undeniable that these guys make awesome music.

Now what this article is really about is my amazement that I enjoy the remix at the bottom of the page compared to the original. Trust me, this isn't my first venture into remixes, I have quite a few albums dedicated to remixes of my favorite songs by Daft Punk, Justice, Ratatat, Major Lazer, you name it, and in every case, I love the remixes, but they are never better than the original song. I've come to terms with the fact that most remixes are songs taken and edited so they work better in a club for a bunch of retards to hump each other to. Even if the remix of a song doesn't come out like that, even if it's a remix by the lovely Four Tet or Soulwax, I still can't help but wanna hear the original.

That's why this Borgore remix of Passion Pit's Sleepyhead is so different for me, I actually prefer it to the original version. I've been probably jamming this one on my iPod on a daily basis, a few times a day, really, I enjoy it that much. Before you jump to the conclusion that I like dubstep too much and I'm biased, don't. I have one or two dubstep albums, and I find most of the material too derivative and more of a gimmick than an actual sustainable sound. This remix has dubstep elements, but what I really like is the change in beat for an almost hip-hop flow and the slight changes to the synth to work with the dubstep tone. Check it out if you haven't heard it already, and if you haven't heard the original song, well then seriously get the fuck off this blog and download (or buy, haha) Manners, you won't be sorry. -Matt Galey

Oh and a special thanks to Cashel Russell for originally showing me this remix in the first place!

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